What Words Define Who You Are?

Wow! What do you say about yourself? What do others say about you? My girls, the Lady Lions honored me by taking the time to ask themselves what words describe Shelly Shelton! Wow! The words as you see from the painting were absolutely breath taking! These are the words they gathered together to describe WHO IS SHELLY SHELTON! Of course, I cried! I stopped & realized the impact I had made— & frankly prayed that I would make! As I sit here in tears in dismay of all that I have come through to get to this point...Wow God!

I can no longer defined myself as Abandoned! I now define myself as Overcomer! I can no longer define myself as heart broken. I now define myself as Strong! How do you define yourself? What words are you using to describe who you are? -Shelly Shelton

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