Why Did I Get Married?

This is one of the questions I have asked myself the past eight years! Why did I get married? Honestly I never wanted to get married! I always just wanted a successful loving relationship. But when you’re having sex in that relationship it’s not right not to be married. I remember one day a song came on the radio by a group called H Town! The song was basically talking about getting married. At that moment, I said to the now runaway Husband, “either we need to get married or leave each other alone”. Now ...I wanted to just move on and see if God had someone else for me. I did not think that he would actually propose. I never wanted to be married! Marriage counseling was a 30 minute conversation which in fact should have probably have been a six-month conversation with our pastor. I did not know how to be a wife! I did not know what to expect from him as my husband! I had never ever seen what a successful marriage looked like before we were married! I wanted to move on; I never wanted to be married! WHAT A MISTAKE. I don’t believe he ever loved me. Sad to say.. but when you live life you learn a lot. 

Learn, grow and keep pushing!! MR 10,000 TIMES BETTER IS COMING!!! Be Ready!!!