I want to Thank You for taking the Risk to abandon me.  It was by far the best thing ever that could have happened to me.  I hated you for about 5 minutes until God told me to FORGIVE YOU.  I always knew you never loved me.  It was confirmed the day that you gave up on me.  I was your biggest cheerleader... I didn't always handle things right..or voice it the right way. I couldn't be that Mrs. Perfect that you now have. I honestly didn't know how to.  Any time I acted out of character, it was me screaming to be heard. IT WAS MY SILENT CRY. SILENT CRY THAT I WANTED TO BE LOVED. Since you left, the WORST things unimaginable happened to me. But, yet the BEST. I WOULD HAVE NEVER HAD TAKEN A CHANCE ON ME IF YOU HAD NOT LEFT MAKING ME BELIEVE THAT I WAS NOT WORTHY OF THE BEST - NOT WORTHY TO BE LOVED- NOT WORTHY TO LIVED.  GOD HAD TO SHOW ME THAT REGARDLESS OF HAVING A MAN OR NOT I AM BEAUTIFUL... I AM BLESSED. I AM SUNSHINE.. I AM MY BEST WHEN I BELIEVE IN ME.   Dr. You ---thank you FOR ABANDONING ME AND BEING THAT RUNAWAY HUSBAND.

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